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Airsoft: Your guns or just to talk about the hobby

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Back in the day my group of high school friends got into airsoft. My main gun was/is a Tokyo Marui Steyr AUG - upgraded to just under 400 fps (event standard), tighbore, piston, springs, bushings etc. I actually lined every inch of it with foam and even made a home-made silencer to slip over the barrel. I need a new battery (custom shaped one powerful enough for the upgraded spring), so it's not functional at the moment.

We used to play at night in elementary / middle schools around our area - first with spring pistols, then ever more powerful weapons in our great airsoft arms race. Playing in schools - not the best idea by most measures - but things felt different then. We were having honest fun. Anyhow, playing airsoft with our ragtag group was where I learned the meaning of integrity. It became obvious who called their shots and who didn't :) It's also where I learned that it wasn't a good idea to allow people, "snipers" or not, to upgrade their guns to 650 fps. I have scars to prove it.

Later, we went to a couple organized airsoft matches at Fort Ord, CA with roundhouse productions. I can't find the video from our actual events but it was the same place as the video below. It was massive - at least 150 people I believe. The rule was you could only use pistols indoors, and if you snuck behind them you could surrender them (so people didn't shoot point blank at 400 fps), and I didn't have a pistol. My buddy and I (woodland camo team) snuck behind enemy lines and surrendered 19 guys in buildings near their base. Airsoft is a blast. Great workout (if you're not a camper), and a massive adrenaline rush that's so much better than any video game I've ever played.
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I used to have a JG AKS-74u, Want another one, it was great. Sold it because all my friends I played with ended up with different work schedules. We used to just play games like defend the flag, have one team defend a position with a flag and have an attacking team assault the position. Medics could revive a downed teammate with a 30 second count off. Went to a few AOSC games, was amazing.
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Holy shit Zife, I used to live in SoCal, and was actually back there most of June, and I played at Code Red! My buddies are really into it, and I actually bought a gun and stuff to go with them last time I was home. Code Red was a blast. I'm currently trying to get my friends here in South Carolina to pick up airsoft. They just don't want to take the plunge and spend money on a gun. :/
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cool gun, Kov. By the way - does anybody here have any experience with LiPo batteries for their AEGs? I need a new battery for my aug...I had a custom 9.6 volt NiMH in the shape of a square to fit into my AUG stock... I guess Lithium based batteries are the new thing in airsoft since I last played...From what I understand you may or may not need a mosfet to prevent your trigger contact from burning out (except AUG trigger mechanism is beastly so maybe not...) ? Anyways when I do eventually get a new battery I'm trying to figure out whether I should move to the lithium based batteries at this point. Also, for the traditional batteries I require at least 9.6 volts to move my stiff spring effectively.
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7.4v lipo is said to be comparable to 9.6v NiMh, although you do need to invest in a balancer in order to charge the lipo's. Anything higher than 7.4v lipo is almost required to get a mosfet regardless of your trigger contacts since it would regulate the current coming out of the battery much better. The discharge rate of a lipo is much higher than NiMh, so if there ever is a short the lipo will heat up then blow up a lot faster than a NiMh will.
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You want a MOSFET regardless, they drastically improve trigger response, most have fuse protection systems, and sometimes give a slight RoF increase, the reduced wear on your trigger contacts is just icing on the cake. You might need to get new connectors and rewire your gun with better quality wiring..Dean's is typically what is widely recommended. Might want to re-shim your gearbox.
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Eff you all. Can i just get a damn lipo and stick it in my gun or not? I don't like the words "Blows up quicker."

The AUG trigger is unique, not necessarily the most responsive (it's a dual stage trigger) -, so I don't care about that aspect regardless. I've had my gun completely taken apart in pieces back in the day more times than I'd care to remember. I have no desire to do that again unless I absolutely have to. Long story short - can I pop a lipo in, and if I do what are the chances of it "blowing Up?" Also - isn't it shorting every single time I pull the trigger? So you mean to tell me if I did a long enough burst of fire the battery would blow up?
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No, the battery doesn't short when you pull the trigger. The motor has internal resistance, however small, as well as the length of wire. This is partly for why the motor gets hot and if there is a short across the motor everything else will fail spectacularly. However, a mosfet will act like a safeguard, almost like a fuse, such that it will only allow a certain amount of current to pass as it has internal resistance as well, further limiting the total output of the battery so it's... "safer."

In general, a 7.4V lipo will be roughly the same wear and tear on your gun as a 9.6V NiMh, so go with the 7.6V if you don't have a mosfet.

Also, you must use a balancer in order to charge the lipo, not just a standard wall charger or smart charger. You can use the balancer with most, if not ALL other batteries but not vice versa.
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