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Duel - wanna play me?

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Among some other pretty nifty B3 additions of late - I think thanks goes to Gryph and Cypher - we can now "Duel" each other.

Type in: !duel Gryphus (or any player on the server)

And they'll receive a notification, and if Gryph then types in: !duel Salad

The duel is now accepted, it keeps a running score of kills. It's a bit distracting if you duel more than one person at once, and it turns you into a possessed, revenge seeking demon.

If neither of you leaves the game, the tally carries over into the next map. Leave the game, and you have to re initiate the duel.

I gotta say, for one small B3 change it totally added a heap of fun and frustration. The salad jar broke.

Here's some game play of me and gryph, I'm the tall one:

~ salad(s)

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