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Wab's Bounty

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It's been a while since I've placed a bounty on someone's head, so it's high time I referred to my hit list and offered up a little challenge:

Bounty #1:

NJA-saladFingrs has long been a pest on the server, continually ruining my killstreaks and dodging my bullets with that abnormally high ping. Well the time has come to pay for these crimes, my friend. I will donate $10 to the server if we can get two screenshots, posted here, of Salad being knifed on the server.

Bounty #2:

NJA-pwnStar takes the coveted number 2 spot on the hit list and I want him executed. That is, I want Pwn shot in the head with a shotgun :d . Now this might not be easy, so my tip would be to equip some stuns and slow this weasel down in order to get that perfect shot. Post a screenshot standing over Pwn's body, shotgun in hand, and another $10 will be donated to the server.

Final Bounty:

Our final bounty falls upon the head of Element94. He uses a Mac. Enough said. The first screenshot of a knife kill on Element will warrant a $5 donation to the server. As an extra challenge, any screenshot of anyone killing Element with C4 will mean I donate a further $5.

Rules and Notes:

-These challenges are for everyone! Get hunting and posting!
-All kills must take place on the Net Jam server.
-Once a bounty has been collected/the challenge has been successfully completed, that is the end of it.

-Remember your evidence! Screenshots at the ready. Post them here to let me know you've been successful.

-To be clear, targets can collect other targets' bounties. For example, Salad can knife Element and collect his bounty.

-The targets listed above must be aware of this post and their respective bounties, before you get to work. Be sure to let them know in Teamspeak that they are being hunted and get them feeling paranoid :d

I expect my three targets to fight for their honour (and my wallet) and put up a strong test. However, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see them humiliated. Get to it people!

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You have no idea Wab. You can tell where I was on Bog. I had just picked it up from Crush, scoped up on the wall in the opposite market and uploaded two mags killing Crush at the very back of the corrugated fences. Then Elyment walks up while I'm on a wallbang high.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Gents, this is overwhelming *sheds tears*. I am very thankful for all the support you have all given me in eliminating these three noobs :d It was particularly great to see some extra chopped salad.

I hope you guys had some fun with the challenges and I'm sure there will be some more to come, at least from me, in the near future.

Bounties collected!

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