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Game Name: NJA-Anubis
Status: NJA
Location: Australia
Moto: Its not camping its called Extreme Tenting

I started playing my first online-FPS about 5 years ago when Steve-O introduced me to CoD4 I was playing on many Australian servers picking up tips and tricks from some of the good players I met, after a month or two Steve-O convinced me to join this US server the ping was alot higher but still very playable, at that stage I had no idea who this bunch of NJA players were but I swear they all had hacks, later I found out that they were admins and that they were skills and not hacks but I still kept showing up again and again, not sure why since I was killed more times I shot my gun but I wanted to get better and I wanted to beat the NJA, after a few months that changed into a year and half I was offered NJA and lets just say I got so wasted it was like I was turning 18 again it was one of the best things that had happened because not only did I make it to be NJA I also got to join a new family and as an NJA that is what we are, we are family.

I could go into more details but we all have lives so post your story here so we can get to know YOU better.

Shoot you later.
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game name:nja-ace
location: england
motto:who gos there say your piece or ill wing ya

ive played on net-jam for about two years now been shot more times than i like to remember ! but the fun and laughs ive have had on the server make life more enjoyable i salute steveo and every body whos worked in the back ground to keep the server runing and fellow admins who have gave a lot of time to the server i hope we can make nja the best run server in the world so people can go away and say yep thats a great server ,and come back .
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Game name: NJA-Kovic
Status: NJA
Location: USA
Motto:I'm not afraid of the dark, I'm afraid of whats in it.

Story: I have never played any computer games as religiously as this one. I purchased the game when it came out with the intention of doing the single player only, did not have internet at the time. Eventually we got internet and I began playing online. At fist I played on the BHC servers, then I became a member of that clan. People left, they began modding their servers so it lost popularity right away. I found Net-Jam... like 4 or 5 years or so ago and began playing on that and only that, the people were great and the server was and still is perfect. There was one year where I did not play much, that was when I met my girlfriend (now wife) mrskovic. After that period I began playing again, I left BHC and soon was honored to become NJA. That was almost 2 years ago now and I still have just as much fun on Net-Jam as ever. Net-Jam has the best players and admins around. Net-Jam as a community is what has kept me involved in playing cod4, without Net-Jam I would probably stop playing because there is no server out there to match it.

Through thick and thin Net-Jam is a survivor, I will always stick with Net-Jam and hope others feel the same way. Great bunch of guys, like a family, we cherish every player (the nice ones) that play on the server and hope we can keep you coming back.

See you on the server!!

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Game name: NJA-Wabdin
Status: NJA
Location: United Kingdom
Motto: Fierce sucks

Story: Similar to Kovic, I have never put as many hours into a game as I have this one. The single player was something that I played through and enjoyed greatly, before i even discovered the multiplayer aspect of the game - in fact, I believe the single player set a standard that none of the following titles managed to meet. Finding Net Jam took a while, as, like our australian friends here, my ping tended to be on the high side, but once I did I've been coming back for 4-5 years regardless of issues such as connection. As Kov touched on, it's the people and atmosphere here that makes this server attractive and enjoyable for players. While a game might get old, the company of great people doesn't, and that is without a doubt the key reason that I'm always looking to hop on the net jam server.

It does feel more like a family here than simply a gaming group, and it is always a pleasure to share the experience with all those involved.

Stay classy gents,

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game name: nik
status: Regular
loation: oz
Motto: why stand when ya can sit ,and why sit when ya can lay

Me, grew up in pool halls,pinball palours and beer gardens. liked the old red alerts ,unreal,warcraft .Then intro to cod. found a server called TK`s. ran fast and smooth but they had this gimp thing going which was`nt me.Stumbled into Netjam by chance.never looked back. I keep 2 servers as back up ,incase hgh ping stops me in NJ .Spend over 95% in NJ. Only donate to this server. Was asked to join another but politely said no thanks.Am happy here.. I`m a creature of habit ,I find something I like, (cars, bikes, missus) look after them and alls good. I have the same approach to NJ.

As for the game; I agree with others, it`s an old game but it`s the ppl who make it enjoyable .mumble has made it even better for me. Hearing the anguish in OUTLAW`s groan as he gets towelled up, or trying to concentrate when ACE is in karioke mode.Its all good fun.
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Game name: NJA-Wan Solo
Status: NJA-SA
Location: USA formerly know as the land of the free
Motto: Fall 1,000 times get up 1,001

Grew up in the slumvillage of la,been gaming since the begging of my time, games such as tribes,unreal tourny,battlefield 1942,swat,cod to name a few.
started playing cod modern warfare and encountered many servers some that were legit and other that were very bad,stumbled on to netjam and found
players that were outstanding ,i felt i found the competition that i was looking for.
i also found that netjam had always admins to check all the hackers that where out there as well as good player to admin relations, the admins where knowlegable,friendly and funny as hell, that was at least 5 years ago i think.
i played so much on the server and helped spot so many hackers that i think steve-o finally broke down from me bugging him so much he nominated me as a
admin lol! since then i havent looked back and kept supporting the server.

i know the game is old but in my opinion they havent made a cod as good as this one in multiplayer..
cheers to every one that has kept the sever running,the players that keep coming back to play and those who choose to donate
i thank you all...

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side.

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gamename| [RE]echo
status| reg
location| USA, still the land of the free :)

I started playing COD 4 a couple of years ago as my first fps. Loved the singleplayer, love the series, and love the multiplayer of the first Modern Warfare. I started out playing on a cracked server in 2011 that, before it went under, was championed by a lot of the [RE] guys and it's how I met them and joined up. I found Netjam some time later by sorting through available servers by ping, and really like the atmosphere here, with its friendly, capable admin staff (who are always very welcoming!). You NJA's are super on top of things. Keep up the good work!

Oh yeah, I'm a big fan of how this server supports the 'down with helo tyranny' cause. Air support abuse ruins the game.

About me, nothing exciting, I'm in my 20s and located in the US. I like sports, food, coding, and actually not that much gaming. I roll on integrated gfx and a laptop, no console, so that's somewhat of a limiting factor. I am a huge (American) football nut though. I'm one of the admins at Regenesis and like keeping an eye out for hackers when I can. In COD, I will always ignore personal safety in order to get a sweet C4 kill. It's not clear to me that this is a totally efficient strategy. But it comes with great glory ;D

It's always good to see a vibrant community such as this in gaming and I just wanted to offer a tip of the hat to all you people, admins and regs, who make it happen.

just your friendly neighborhood Net-Jam C4 champion ;-]

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Game Name: NJA-Fierce
Status: NJA
Location: USA
Motto: No mistakes.

Story: The very first video game I ever played was Doom 2, at a very young age (6-8, not exactly sure. It's been a while...:p) Ever since then, I've been heavily invested into gaming. Those of you that know me are probably aware of my addiction to RPG's. I've logged hundreds upon hundreds of hours into RPG's, especially those made by Bethesda (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3). My appreciation of FPS games is no where near my enjoyment of RPG's, but I still play a lot of FPS games because I like to show the older folks how the game is supposed to be played. NJA-Wabdin is one of my best apprentices in this regard; I've pretty much taught him everything he knows, but the student has a ways to go before he becomes the master. ;) (I also play because they are, well, fun.)

Call of Duty 4 is actually the first game in the series that I've ever played. Even to this day, I've never played any of the earlier ones. Before CoD4, some other FPS games I played were Counter-Strike, Half-Life, and Halo. When I first picked up the CoD4 multiplayer, I usually just hopped around on random servers, and it wasn't long before I started getting absolutely sick of Martyrdom, Grenade Launchers, and Last Stand. I stumbled upon Net-Jam completely by chance, but once I hopped on, I never left. I later learned of the Ventrilo server (later switched to Mumble), where I got to meet the amazing people that go by the NJA title. I remember constantly hounding a lot of them via xfire to get rid of hackers, and I suppose they eventually got sick of it because I was offered a position as an admin.

Unfortunately, I have no access to CoD4 at college (or university, if you prefer), because my laptop is slightly more effective than a metal stick plugged into an electrical socket. I can, however, play League of Legends. I often play when I should be studying...kind of like how I'm writing this when I have a lab practical in roughly 6 hours. But if you want to play a quick game with me (I don't play ranked in the current season, but I'm roughly at a gold level of skill, or ~1500 elo if you go by that system still), I'm always down for a quick game or just a chat.

I originally came to Net-Jam for its excellent rules and policies, but I stayed for the community. I hope all of you enjoy your stay here.
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Game Name: NJA-Newbster
Status: NJA
Location: West Coast, USA
Moto: As I stood at the counter asking the clerk for 50 condoms, I began to hear two ladies behind me giggling. I turned around, looked them straight in the eyes and said “make that 52.”

Moto 2: No Regrets!

My pops was into IT since I was a kid so my bro and I each had our own computers since we were like 8. I started playing my first games back in the Doom, Doom2, and Hexen. ( who actually remembers hexen? Really. ). My dad would often have LAN party’s at our house and we would get anywhere from 8-16 people in our living room playing doom 2, quake, unreal and all other FPS’s against each other. From that day forward I was addicted to PC gaming. My brother and I drilled a hole in the wall between our bedrooms to run out network cable to each other. We played a lot of RTS games as well. Many nights we were deadlocked into command and conquer 1v1 matches that we just couldn’t finish. Started the Beta of WoW and played for about 5 years. I cut my relationship with that game about a year ago as it became boring for me. Had they left the game back in the BC days I would still be there.

Then I started playing CoD. Don’t remember how that came about but I just did. Played for a couple years and then migrated over to the Net-Jam server and enjoyed a good ping. The community there was great. After playing there a lot I found my way on to mumble and listening to Ace’s singing. (almost didn’t make back to mumble after that). Had a lot of great conversations with Fierce and Kovic as well. Then came that day when I was nominated for admin. I was proud and excited. Been really happy ever since. Greatist CoD server out there and I look forward to meeting many more people on it.

All in all I like to play games, drink beer, and chill with cool peeps. And I can accomplish all three with Net-Jam

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Game Name: NJA-Ruthless
Status: NJA
Location: Los Angeles CA, USA
Moto: Shoot first ask questions later, collateral is absolutely necessary in any war.

I started playing FPS games from a very early age, so long ago that I don't even remember when. :) I have played COD I think for 5-6 years now, have seen it all and have done it all. Even so, after all this time, I just don't get tired of this game. About two years ago, I was asked to join this crazy group of people that seemed like all hackers to me. In fact, I swore up and down that all these guys had eyes in the back of their heads and on their sides, and had reflexes that even a mongoose would envy! I stuck through it and several years later I still suck at it, but know that they are indeed skills from all these great admins. Being and NJA has thought me a lot about patience and understanding of the inner workings of the game. I love this game and don't think I will ever stop playing until it fades for good. Maybe I'll play single player then... :)

I try to log in as much as I can, but with a family and a more than full time job it's very difficult to log on as much as I would like. I still manage though, so next time I'm in game don't be shy and introduce yourself. I am your friendly Ruthless guy!

PS, if I shoot you first, just know that I am being true to my moto! Hackuna Mattata!!!
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