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  1. nik

    map rotation

    cheers, I `ve got 3 more n/shifts b4 I can play. look forward to shooting yall sat arvo. thanks again.
  2. nik

    map rotation

    Hey all, Recently we had some different maps thrown into the mix ,which was great. pipeline and wet work were in I think. Map rotation has gone back to previous setting now. Is it possible to put some of these usually unplayed maps back in? Server may even pick up some new players too. Cheers. nik.
  3. game name: nik status: Regular loation: oz Motto: why stand when ya can sit ,and why sit when ya can lay Me, grew up in pool halls,pinball palours and beer gardens. liked the old red alerts ,unreal,warcraft .Then intro to cod. found a server called TK`s. ran fast and smooth but they had this gimp thing going which was`nt me.Stumbled into Netjam by chance.never looked back. I keep 2 servers as back up ,incase hgh ping stops me in NJ .Spend over 95% in NJ. Only donate to this server. Was asked to join another but politely said no thanks.Am happy here.. I`m a creature of habit ,I find something I like, (cars, bikes, missus) look after them and alls good. I have the same approach to NJ. As for the game; I agree with others, it`s an old game but it`s the ppl who make it enjoyable .mumble has made it even better for me. Hearing the anguish in OUTLAW`s groan as he gets towelled up, or trying to concentrate when ACE is in karioke mode.Its all good fun.
  4. Hello all, this is to the NJA, Is it possible to throw in a couple different maps into the rotation just to mix it up abit? Pipeline maybe? Also ,can we ban ACE from singing,he`s a shocker and its hard to concentrate when ya laughing too much.
  5. shit gryphus. welcome to my world.i think i`m getting your point.mid life gamer crisis?,nah ,not yet. ,but the definition of respect has definately changed. however as you slow down ,the brats r still mostly young and dumb. every day i`m referred to as the old fart, but they still keep coming to ask how to do this or that. stay young upstairs and alls good.nik.
  6. nik


    I understand admin cannot be present 24/7 but this is the best server i`ve found, TK`s was good except 4 the gimp thing. However the amount of hackers constantly here will wreck all your good work done with netjam.Please ,recruit more admin.I suffer from bad ping , but when I can get here it used 2 b reassuring I could get a good game .Although not a complete fan, where is Surreal ,he ran a good game. Respectfully killing you .nik.
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