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Family Fun on Net-Jams

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To make a very long story short, my ban on Net-Jam a few days ago sparked an old interest back in my family of playing COD4 together. With the new move horrible internet, me on new meds, and just a long 2012 year my family and I took a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG break from Net-Jam. Some peoples feelings may have been hurt others just upset at the way I left things and so on. Anyhow Iam posting here publicly to say Iam Sorry.. Sorry to those I know/ or Knew and those who came after me I did not know yet but my have in some way made their enjoyment of Net-Jam less enjoyable because of the way I left...

With all that being said, I sure some will have questions, OTHERS have, and already hit me up in PMs, so if you have any questions you can PM me..

Now on to great NEWS.... 2 nights ago was a BLAST on Net-Jam.... My wife, Daughter and myself got on and played with what seemed like half the NJA crew.... Man it was fun, my wife got on Mumble with my daughter and they were laughing and cutting up with the NJA, anyhow took me a while to set aside my pride and download Mumble but I did and THANK YOU to all those who were on that kept it cool and made my family and I feel welcome AGAIN... Hope to see you all on again soon..

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I have met you a few times before but never got to know you. the past dose not matter to me and nothing wrong with new beginnings.

I had a great time on the other night with you, your wife, and your daughter. It was fun with the back and fourth over mumble after shooting your wife several times, but retribution was paid back by your self so all was well.

In any event I'm glad your back, It was a fun night and I thank you and your fam for that and look forward to more. until next time

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Welcome back buddy [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0]

People change, things happen blah blah blah, and as Newb said, the past doesn't matter. I admit I did have hard feelings, but talking to you through pms have cleared things up. I have always valued your friendship, and your forever lasting contributions to Net Jams.

I will be on more often now, and I hope to see you, hopefully on the same team though :lol:

I am happy to see you are coming back to your roots, because here it is not just about the game, its about friends and family and hanging out.

Glad to see you got your family on too, I have a feeling your daughter will be a cod4 machine.

Cya around and take care buddy.

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Hey Sac,

Nice to see you stopping in again. Like Kov, I'm looking to get on a little more often nowadays, and I need some more people to hop online and help me face the constant problem of Ace's singing.

Hope to see you on soon bud, would be great to catch up :)

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