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Hello Everyone. I guess I'm just introducing myself to the forums. I have been playing on the Net-Jam Servers for a long time now, But I have never really considered making an account on the website. I guess i could start by telling you all about my gaming history on Call of Duty 4. Probably back in 2008 or 2009 I joined the -TA- Tactical Advantage Clan. I was in there for about 6 Months, but when I finally earned Administrator on the server, the server and the clan soon went offline. Then i joined [GRV] Clan Gravitas. I was in there for a few months along with another friend. We both quit due to poor leadership and we branched off and created our own clan -FeS- Forgotten Elite Soldiers. We didn't get very far, but we got far enough to where we had people online over the duration of the day. Once we ran out of money, I joined -FoW-. That didn't last long because I believed all of the players were mean spirited and disrespectful. I took about a 1 year break on the game because I got caught up with other Steam games and whatnot. So now I'm here making an account on Net-Jam hoping to stick with this server for a while.

...::んo丂イノレ乇 んムᄊ丂イ乇尺::...

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Hello Hostile Hamster!!

Looks like you have a rich history! Welcome to the forums, and its awesome seeing you on the server! We all appreciate you as a target :lol:

I do hope you stay for a while, you are always welcome

See you on the server bud!

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