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G13 gameboard

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Both Dos and myself use a Razer Nostromo.

While I heavily considered a G13, after managing to feel one, half the buttons are barely if at all accessible (and I don't have small hands). On top of the fact that the neat little screen only has support for a hand full of games (CoD4 not being one). In the end though, the clincher for me was how insanely ergonomic the Nostromo is; not one of the 20 some toggles are out of reach at any time.

No matter what anyone says, whatever you do, don't consider buying any one of these things until you can feel them in your hand. Best Buy is a good bet, as they normally have display models, but if I remember correctly both of them have boxes let let you feel them.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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