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Why hello thar

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I'm still alive :o

Sorry for being absent for the longest time, college keeps me busy and my lack of a gaming-capable laptop means that I won't be playing any CoD from there either :(

I popped into the server today for a couple rounds, still the reliably fun game I remember as opposed to, say, Black Ops and MW3 :p

I'm not going back to school until around the 7th or 8th so I might drop in a few more times so if you want to get your quality kill on me, better do it soon. ;)

Happy holidays!
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Well, the 7th is here and I'm done for tonight...good seeing all you guys that I saw and talked to. I'm going to look into modifying some settings to get at least a playable state on my laptop, but I can't promise anything since I'll probably be busy this semester.

If nothing comes up, see you guys in a few months :)
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