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ThePope Banned


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I am ThePope and I have played in NETJAM over 200 times. Actually COD is my first video game and your server is the first one that I have played in. Not ass kissing, I don't even like playing in other servers. NETJAM is ThePope's Church if you will.

A week or two ago, we were playing at Ambush and two players were spawn camping, which is against your rules I believe, if not it isn't something you guys would probably allow since you don't allow other cheap stuff like last stand or tubes, etc.

I casually said stop spawn camping and they didn't. I among other were killed 4 spawns in a row. And the kill cam showed Nvid firing straight through a fence into where we were spawning. I said stop again and they kept it up. Nvid didn't like me calling him out.

I said a swear word, knowing I would get a warning for it. The warning never came, I was immediately kicked. So I cam back in and kept getting kicked and at this point I was just annoyed I got kicked for swearing and telling someone to stop doing something that is against the rules and I was kicked for it.

Anyways I kept coming back in and saying bad things to Nvid because I thought we was abusing his power and I got a lifetime ban.

Please consider removing it. I believe it was too harsh to give me a lifetime ban for me trying to police Nvid for spawn camping, something that no one in NETJAM should do, especially an admin.


His Holiness,

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Hey Pope,

1. Nvid is not an admin - just a heads up. No NJA tags, not an admin.

2. Spawn Camping will happen and there is no enforced rule against it.

3. I believe it was foo who banned you so I'll leave the rest to him (maybe a temp. would have been better in this case bud?)

Your disgression.

Stay serious,

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So let me recant the events.

1) You got frustrated, and started swearing at a individual player.

2) You were then asked to watch the lang.

3) It happened again, and you were 'temp' banned initially to 'cool' off.

4) You then insisted on rejoining and spewing your profanity's for your brief connections until B3 booted you continually cussing out nVid.

5) You were then, perm'd, for exploiting the server lag, and rejoining the server no less than 3-4 times attempting to do so.

My judgement this was violation of rule8 to the max, and really isn't appropriate. I'm right there with ya in frustration sometimes, but to expunge it onto another player is uncalled for because you may be the victim of them.

I am in favor of leaving it for now, but will discuss with the group for further action.

Stay tuned.

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I didn't see message telling me to stop. Normally an auto warning appears and I did not see it.

Before I thought that Nvid was an admin and he was provoking me. I also did not know that I was getting back into the server because of the lag, I thought I was logging back in and Nvid was kicking me. SO that only fueled my fire more.

I know you guys don't have a rule against spawn camping and I know it happens but he was just sitting there reloading and firing into spawn zone and admins weren't saying anything (I didn't know it wasn't an official rule at that time) so I did.

I know you guys like to have a clean environment so I am sorry for sullying that.
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I've removed the ban. Please take care in your actions in the future as the next time around, for any uncalled for actions, I doubt it will be lifted.

PS, I know you know who the admins are as well as everyone else in the server that's a regular, so lets not play the I thought game about nvid. As far as getting back in, since it kept kicking you saying you were temp banned, what else would you think? Lets leave it at that, and move forward.

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Thank you. And to be honest I am not playing games...Nvid was talking like an admin so I thought that he was. I know he doesn't have NJA in his name, so that's why I thought it was weird. Not playing dumb, I just thought he was an exception.

Thank you
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