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this one is of tomcio or something like that.
this n00b fail in my eyes was using he knew where peeps where at when he was sniping. and he was shooting at wall and was getting kills. anyways i hate not having any admin on my xfire i love playing and hate playing when there is someone who is using and it takes the fun out of cod4 then i gotta run to et lol

anyways heres the demo.. youll probably get alot of demos but when i pick a community to call my own i tend to hope that the players of the community also take demos and make sure that the place we play at is hacker free.

and if admin come to the conclusion that he is clean.. im sorry but if i suspect that anyone is using.your going to be on sG cam lol

wrong one right one is there now

“There are people who play games and then there are gamers.”

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Continue to take videos! We greatly appreciate it, you are doing us a favor, as well as those who enjoy Net-Jams.

I watched this demo a couple times.

I would say I think he may be hacking, but i cant ban on what i think, i have to know. Tomcio seems to be good at sneaking his crossairs out the window onto someone. I just didnt see enough to be sure

Other admins please watch this demo.


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