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Banned God.


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Well, in my free time. I usualy like playing games. Sometimes these videogames involve shooting and sometimes driving. I particulary like the Battlefield series because of their encorporation of vehicles into the battlefield. And they are all useable.

But when I want to play skirmish type games, I find that call of duty offers the best of these types of shooters. And MW2 is pretty much empty, so is all the cod game prior to this one. And I am of the impression that W@W and Blops is trash.

So that leaves me with Cod4, for skirmish type shooters.

Plus I like the fact you can track your stats with XLRstats. And this is the lowest ping server avalible in the right game modes (HC TDM) that offers that, and is populated.
Not to mention that I know quite a few people here.
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I think the answer to that is more or less pointless, because if I say no, then you will either assume im lying, or you will find another thing "wrong".
And if I say yes, then you will put the ban reason from the last time on this one? dispite what ive been doing in the server the last few days (havn't broken any rules).
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despite what most people think I can be reasoned with, yes you have kept your nose clean the last few weeks but you had moments that got you banned but a ban is there for a reason and getting a new key is not the right way to do it, your first ban was always open for you to respond to if you were matrure enough but all these games are pointless so stop the time wasting, you want to be on this server bad enough then respond to this with the TRUTH and why a promis that your issues are not going to repeat them selves.
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<< Account created on: Jun 12, 2011

@77073 >> God. was first registered by B3 on 8 November 2011, 21:41 EST

@35978 >> God. was first registered by B3 on 11 February 2011, 21:09 EST

Thats how you should get your information on this in the future.
Im on a new GUID because Fusion Gamers server had also banned me (thinking I wallhacked on Vacant, lol) plus it was cheap.
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