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Banned for saying "Homogenous Milk" "Homo Erectus" and "Homo Sapien"

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I realize the console doesn't like the word homo, and its my fault for saying words containing the word "homo" in them too many times. but I never called any one person a homo or used those words in a malicious way, please un-ban me and it will never happen again. net jam is awesome!
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I was on at the time, however no admin issued this ban - it was done by the bot.

One person said homogenous and for some reason, when automatically warned by the bot, other players, including yourself decided to say the same thing and or similar things when quite clearly the use of the word homo triggered a warning from the bot.

Each time you said these things you would have seen a warning come up from the bot and, since I was monitoring the situation, thought to myself that receiving these automated warnings would encourage you to stop.

Obviously you continued and were subsequently temporarily banned for 7 hours for 'peeing in the gene pool' by the bot.

This message tends to come up if a player has been a particular nuisance - i.e has caused several problems on the server. Having checked your history this seems to be your first 'offence'.

Therefore, perhaps 7 hours was a little excessive as a temp ban, however please remember this was not an admin decision and although a long ban, I hope you realise that it was perhaps a bit silly to continue using these phrases when it clearly prompted a warning from the bot.

Ban should have expired by now so please continue to enjoy the server - feel free to contact us if you are having trouble connecting.


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thanks for the reply. I know it was a bot that banned me. Im not blaming any mod or admin or getting upset about it. I know it was MY fault for getting the temp ban, its nice to know now its a temp ban btw. I saw the warnings and out of immaturity continued to say words with homo in them. I take full responsibility for that. I just wanted to make sure i wasn't getting a permanent ban hammer for this.
btw, is there a way to remove the word "homo" as a word that could potentially get a player banned? XD

case closed.
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