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Love your work Steve [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0]

And arf, remember what I said about xfire :) There's usually at least one or two admins online most of the day.
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There's many ways to record...but if you want to record using what's available in-game, make sure that the console is enabled in-game (Options -> Game options -> enable console "yes"), then hit the tilde key while in game (the ` key, right above your tab key if you have a normal keyboard), and type /record [demo name here]. The demo name is optional, if you don't enter a name, it'll automatically assign a name along the lines of demo0001.dm_1. Once you're done recording, open up console again and type /stoprecord.

You'll find the demos in your install directory. If you're on Windows 7, it's C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\main\demos, or the equivalent if you're on a different version.

NOTE: On some Windows 7 installations it will be in the path:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\main\Demos

You may have to edit the folder options and choose the "show hidden files" option.
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That needs pinned in the CoD4 forum.

And an added note: Every blue moon, it's a good idea to move all of your demos to a folder of your choosing (in your My Documents for example). As you should with your "mpdata" and "mpconfig.cfg".


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Hey arf, I'm assuming you're talking about the MG glitch on pipeline...if someone's doing it and there are no admins around to take care of it, just shoot BELOW where it appears they are shooting from. The glitch is where you're on the ground floor directly underneath the MG but you can still use the MG, and your character appears to be on the MG on the second story. However, the hitbox is still on the ground floor, thus still possible to be killed.

If you see someone doing it, please get a recording, and then kill them multiple times.
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