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fun video for all!

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No no, a rocket propelled deer...

Fact: 3.2 motorists are killed every year by bambi farting next to a lighting strike, while staring at your headlights in the middle of the road... Beware of our furry woodland creatures. (Especially you Aussies, your bambis hop, have huge tails, and double as professional boxers...)

On an entirely unrelated, and completely random note, I just found this while searching for a deer with flaming buttocks:
Spoiler: Show

That is all.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Yeah I had a close encounter with one of our bouncy friends a little while ago coming back from Perth.... He thought he could play Chicken and win over a Range Rover lol

Kangaroo - 0 Range Rover - 1 (with just a cracked headlight where he headbutted it lol)
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