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server is not appearing.

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Hello, my name in game is Shane and I've been playing for a while, and I haven't gotten banned, but for some reason the server is not appearing in the server lists. It's odd because I didn't have this problem until recently and it sucks I can't even play the server cause it won't show itself.

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Next time, I suggest you post a posting like this in the COD4 Discussion forum since you were not banned.  This forum is only for... Ban Appeals

First try this:
1) Open console (tilda key which is to the left of the '1' key on the keyboard), if that isn't working, might need to enable console from Options>Game Options> Enable Console > Yes 
2) In the console type '/connect' without the single quotes

If that doesn't work, it may be because steam might've applied the 1.8 update which could also cause the netjam server to not show up since it is running 1.7
1) Read this about version 1.8


2) Netjam admins provided a solution here:



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Also.. my bad.  The steam update was actually a downgrade to 1.6 but... same issue, your game might not be the coveted version 1..7  

I also didn't mean to post my reply twice.  I must've fat fingered the Save button twice but... I like to over communicate anyway.  :classic_biggrin:


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