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Why was I banned?


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Hi, I honestly have no idea why I was banned in the first place. I was playing fine yesterday until I tried to join this morning. It read that I was banned but for reasons I don't know, I hope someone can help me. I was also previously known in-game as "Zhayen", until I changed my it to "Deco".

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what the hell is "ew lol xd"? My name is Deco and has been ever since I changed it from "Zhayen". It's not me, but what exactly was "ew lol xd" banned for? It must be another person because I got my copy of COD4 from a friend. Please check again because I didn't do anything.

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Well, your friend or likely someone they shared the game with was caught wallhacking and you're caught up in their ban.

That's one of the consequences of using a shared copy of the game. I recommend using your own legitimately purchased copies of games to avoid these types of situations.


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