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Deagle King

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You were initially muted for being an unreasonably aggressive dick in the server and harassing players.

Then you attempted to circumvent the mute and got yourself banned.

The ban is permanent. I will not lift it.


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Always some false report as to what I am doing.The only portion I will admit to is the crap talking. Yes I do that.

But I don't hack and whichever method you used for muting sucked so I could text and not sure why. I mean all the guid, ip, hardware bans will be pointless. You already know that. So lets discuss or just have to deal with me forever :)


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You want to discuss, let's discuss.

You were muted. You attempted to circumvent the mute and got banned for it. You then attempted to circumvent that ban and got banned again for circumventing.

Why should we tolerate such blatant disregard for the rules and the server?


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1 minute ago, DeagleKing said:

What about when you ban for NO REASON?

You weren't banned for no reason. I stated the reason multiple times before. If you're going to just ignore everything that I've said then this isn't a discussion.


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3 minutes ago, DeagleKing said:

not trying to be that guy

... while actively being that guy. lol.

Humor aside:

Where did I say you were banned for "wall"? I'm well aware of your prior appeal. That has nothing to do with this, yet you keep bringing it up. What else do you want me to say about it?

I reviewed the logs before issuing the ban initially, and they show you taking measures to get around being muted.


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lunar look at the logs I was banned for a looooonnnnngggggg time for wall by yoshi.

Look man your choice bitch. If you keep avoiding I will take a shit on your rules and play as people are supposed to.


Also tell Gryphus he is a dick ridign faggot. Thanks :)

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