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junkey920: WH, NoRecoil


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A little peculiar but recoil is nil, he tries to convince you he's spamming walls but gets way too many kills to be just spamming.

averaging around 70 kills per match or better.... saw a couple above 90.

Long demo but you need to get a feeling for what he's doing. He hides his BS pretty well but the NoRecoil is the giveaway I think.



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I recorded and watched this player just a bit ago.  At first, I was noticing the recoil with his AK, but he typically burst fires.  But sometimes, and notably in the demo. when this player shot you - Petty - near the stone wall where sniper's frequent (maybe a couple minutes into the recording) and he held the fire longer, and during this and other 'longer' firings of the AK, I didn't see any recoil.  Towards the end of the recording, I took out my AK and tried testing its recoil to get some comparisons.  But my AK config had an AC)G which can change the gun firing behavior and handling right?  So I left the map, made an AK without scope AND added steady hand... came back into the map and recorded myself with this config, and I still noticed quite a lot of recoil when holding down the fire.


So is this no recoil thing like something players can toggle on and off (quickly) during play?  Would explain the differences I saw of the player in both recordings (yours and mine).  Then I noticed this player's playstyle and would bet cold hard monopoly money that it's the same player that always changes his or her nickname.    Also, it could be coincidence but when I came back in and started the self demo, this player left after observing what I was doing... hmm


Anyway, here are both demos - adding the self demo in case an admin wants a quick comparison view.  From my end, it'd be a hard call but that earlier kill this player had on you, I saw zero recoil during that instance.





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