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You know who they are.  Ever watch their CAM and see this weird animation where it looks like their weapon is about to partially switch (over and over) while the player continues to jog around?  A very cool player let me in on this and being a member of NJ, I thought I better ask the admins to see if this was OK on NJ server or not.  Lunar confirmed that this is OK. 

There are youtube videos on this.  I am not going to share links but just search for 'CoD4 Weapon Cycle Delay Bind Explained [PC]'  or 'cod4 weapon switch'.  

Essentially you will enter these lines in console:

Open console with ~

TYPE IN:  cg_weaponCycleDelay 0 [ENTER]

THEN TYPE IN:  /bind [any key] "weapnext; wait 2; weapnext" [ENTER]   

(Where [any key] should probably be a key you wouldn't mind pressing without compromising your current control setup - where it would easily become 2nd nature to press it frequently)

  I just wanted to share the info.. As of this moment, I have no plans to try it myself but if I see some regular players suddenly giving Deagle or Gamer or Rice a beat down because of this, then.... you better believe I'll be trying it! LOL


Source of the lines are from the youtube video that I recommended searching for earlier.





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In case you want the magic ruined.



On 2/3/2022 at 1:06 AM, TurboX said:

TYPE IN:  cg_weaponCycleDelay 0 [ENTER]

This does nothing as 0 is the default value. This dvar exists purely so that you can add an additional delay to your weapon switches, so that you don't accidentally switch weapons too many times by holding the key too long. It even says so if you read the description of it while you're typing this in.

On 2/3/2022 at 1:06 AM, TurboX said:

THEN TYPE IN:  /bind [any key] "weapnext; wait 2; weapnext" [ENTER]   

This is exactly the same as clicking your next weapon button twice fast. So this saves you 1 keystroke.


Therefore this likely won't do much to improve your KDR. But if your dexterity isn't quite what it used to be this might help a tad.




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Hi Lunar,


No magic ruined at all from the reveal.  That's great info Lunar AND... come to think of it, my dexterity really isn't what it used to be!  And yet, even though I posted about this... I still have not tried this out.  But I like the idea of something that may help with my ever degrading dexterity! :classic_laugh:

Whenever I think about trying this out, I end up launching the game then heading right onto the playing field and I never look back.  Afterwards, I tell myself, maybe I'll try that tomorrow.  Rinse n repeat...




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