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Permanent Ban, LuNaR? Are you effing serious?


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I did not derail anything... How about you admit you were wrong this time? I've seen people saying things much nastier than just calling somebody jokingly a gay lover... But they are still playing there. Whereas "a gay lover" triggered your fury, which is at least weird. Well, you have the levers, you can ban me, sit back and feel good about your self-esteem. Hope it is not the only joy you have in your life. 

I called AstraNovus who provoked me a gay lover, jokingly. You banned me without warning. How was I supposed to know it was a temp ban? When I got in to ask and talk to you you were just keeping kicking me...

I admitted I wasn't right, and apologized anyways. What else was I supposed to do? Kiss your ass? No, honestly. Tell me.  

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This is the last time I'm going to spell it out for you. You were banned for harassing other players. Calling someone a "gay lover" while inappropriate was not the sole reason you were banned. Though it is the only thing you've apologized for or even addressed in attempt to appeal your ban.

You seem to have forgotten all of the times you have been provoking others (though I admit it's mostly been Astra) and trying to pick fights. Your final permanent ban is a result of all of your shenanigans since then. Here's a short list, though there are likely other offenses that I can't recall off the top of my head.

  • Attempted ban evasion
  • Spamming commands in the server
  • Harassing admins

Cherry on top? You just attempted to get around the ban again.



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You must be really special LuNaR. Enjoying yourself? 80-level troll. You know I can't do much about your ban so you keep diminishing me. The worst admin ever. I told you you DID NOT warn me about banning, you DID NOT inform me about how long the ban was gonna be for. Hence I was just trying to find a way to get in and talk sense into you. But you just abused me instead.

Did you ban Astra? Did you ban orher racists and pedophiles from your server? No. For the hundredth time, you only banned me for a gay joke. Kinda weird discriminating. Feeling good about yourself now? Probably the only thing you feel good about. I tried to talk to you, but you only bullied me. 

You banned me permanently for no reason, I just wanted to play. Your server is not the only one. I just don't understand why your rules are not the same for everyone. 

Enjoy your power while you still can. 

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I've never seen a ban appeal fail so miserably, and so quickly. Hikari, you have zero respect for the playerbase, the server, Net-Jam, and from what it sounds like, yourself. Constantly loading in the server, typing literal crap before being kicked, then completing this cycle on rotation is getting you nowhere. Just go, know that you're no longer welcome here and get on with your life.

Also, how does typing this crap get your rocks off?

Monday, 12/20/2021 (18:26)Hikari Nozomi LuNaR, unban me please, you gay lover! =)

17:09:44 Hikari Nozomi: LuNaR, you gay loving retard! When are you gonna unban me, you idiot? =)

Like seriously? How low of a life do you have to degrade yourself to constant trolling of a server on a 14 year old game? I swear, this game is older than you, or it's older than your maturity.


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