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Hello this is IceVulpes26 and I asked Lunar about why I got banned from net jam hardcore and said it was probably because a went around my original van because idk why I got banned FOREVER for doing i don’t even know what(probably something stupid). And the just yesterday I got banned from gun game and it says admin gave no reason to if why I was banned. I am very frustrated because I really like netjam servers. I was wondering if I could possibly be unbanned from it/them. Thank You! 


I am only 14 so being able to actually create a new topic and stuff was a BIG pain in the butt lol. And I have no idea how to send a proper respectful grammar thingy email to a boss person guy. Idk 😂 

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Dude. This a forum for a video game server. Not an interview. If this was that much of a pain, I would suggest:


for next time, or at least an aspirin.


I banned you after you came into Hardcore proclaiming that you were "back", which prompted a quick search into why you were "back". As it turned out you had been banned by @Fatal Shot for "being extremely annoying". I trust Fatal's judgment on these things, so I enforced the old ban. Now, more interestingly you've changed your CD Key and IP address multiple times to dodge the ban. So it would seem IP hopping and using cracked keys isn't difficult for a 14 year old, but writing a ban appeal on a forum is...

You were banned from Lunar's test server after being kicked half a dozen times with the reason "go away". There's a concept known as "taking a hint" I hope you'll look it up.



""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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