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Child Molester


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there is someone on this server who has been herasing me and using detogetory and rasisit slurs before twords me and i feel very ashamed of the race i am. it makes me feel like i shouldnt be apart of this society. He has also made it very clear that he likes to have S*x with children and this makes it very scary. I have made it very clear time after time to leave me alone. He still wants to keep up this behavior and its making me really uneasy about myself. i just want to come home from a long day at work and just play a game.
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I'm not sure if you realize this, but we record all chat history on the server. According to the chat history your accusation against Fimbo, and now ChaserOfDreams, have both been without support and a waste of admin time. If you have more screenshots proving this harassment, please share them.

In fact, looking more closely at our records you were banned before for harassment and language and I missed a connection thinking you got caught in someone else's ban (whoops! won't let that mistake happen again).

Care to share what your end-game is here?

I have reinstated your ban.


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oh okay... i have already oppoligised to finbo that was my mistake i havent bad mouthed anyone he came and started herassing me. This case can be closed you can report me ban me whatver. i just dont like to be herassed and dont deserve this to happen to me i swear to god i have never bad mouthed anyone that might have been my brother on my account he is very hard headed... i just really suck at the game and i just dont understand why you cant see right from wrong. I honestly give up if you realy dont want me to play on this server im sorry for anyting i did wrong. i take full blame. I just wish i could have my account back and for you to just stop people from herassing me like that. Honst to god i report someting and i didnt know my voice wouldnt be herd. If anyone asks i regert donating to this server. i gladly came to admin for support but no they diceide to let people contiuningg herarssing me and thretening me. I do not want things to escalade to this point. i appoligise im not getting mad at you i am mad at the fact i came for help from you guys and me and fimbo are chill right now. I asked for help and you have denied that to me which i dont understand. I honest to god havent done anything check the data..
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Wow, you are quite the troll. Your ban will not be lifted. In case you forgot your own chat history:

4/1/2020 5:27 ALL Kidbuu yeah ur only dream should be staying far far away from me
4/1/2020 5:27 ALL Kidbuu u rape kids for fun and scar them for life
4/1/2020 5:26 ALL Kidbuu u the rapist
4/1/2020 5:26 ALL Kidbuu u a rasist mfka
4/1/2020 5:26 ALL Kidbuu say 1 more word .. mfka
4/1/2020 5:25 ALL Kidbuu retart
4/1/2020 5:25 ALL Kidbuu here fool
4/1/2020 5:24 ALL Kidbuu dope
4/1/2020 5:24 ALL Kidbuu be a brave kid
4/1/2020 5:24 ALL Kidbuu do it again p*ssy
4/1/2020 5:23 ALL Kidbuu good job thats 1
4/1/2020 5:23 ALL Kidbuu fianly
4/1/2020 5:23 ALL Kidbuu im scared of kidkibuu
4/1/2020 5:23 ALL Kidbuu momy momy
4/1/2020 5:22 ALL Kidbuu u got real scarred
4/1/2020 5:22 ALL Kidbuu u froze up
4/1/2020 5:22 ALL Kidbuu that was teh easiest kill
4/1/2020 5:22 ALL Kidbuu hahahaa
4/1/2020 5:22 ALL Kidbuu his ass aint sh*t
4/1/2020 5:21 ALL Kidbuu everyojne go call this fool out
4/1/2020 5:21 ALL Kidbuu u a reall pussy
4/1/2020 5:21 ALL Kidbuu dude ur hididng all the way in the back
4/1/2020 5:20 ALL Kidbuu hasent went thru purberty i gues
4/1/2020 5:20 ALL Kidbuu u said i was all talk
4/1/2020 5:20 ALL Kidbuu quit leave bruh


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