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Poem by The Poet RE: Creek Map


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An Ode to Creek (Sonnet Form)
By The Poet

Old rock, bubbling creek water filters still
Tree bark peels, mountains appear eternal
Forlorn, men in army-green storm the hill,
Rocks tremble and fall, like our Colonel.

Clean flowing water, Splash! Boots jet black
Rifles, glinting, heartless, sweep the terrain,
Dust and haze, distant AK barking, ‘Attack!’
The cave, the glow, the end of the campaign

The forest, once a bright, beautiful view
Ravaged by silvery bullets, ‘thud, ‘thud’
Afterburners roar across the deep blue
An illusion painted with pixels not blood

After the smoking barrel of this dream
O’ insects, inform us, what does it mean?
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Wow, good form there Murphy! Now I see you've been branching out. I was never much good at Poetry or Lyrics...

So I'm gonna do a 'share'. In 1985 I got my first sythesizer - had been playing the piano from 1975 up until that year and I was so into playing it, I pretty much abandoned playing classical music entirely LOL. Sometime around 1987 - 1988, I picked up a Roland drum machine (just a lowly 303) and a low-end Akai sampler. Teamed up with my buddy who was just starting out on bass - then we met this pretty good singer and decided to try our first 'band' effort. We knew the singer was of the 'Rainbow Coalition' but we didn't care - my buddy and I were fortunate enough to live in very diverse neighborhoods. Besides, this singer always had hot, hot girls over his house so we knew we might be on to something here! Anyway, our partnership with this singer didn't last too long. He was a bit of a mental train wreck to say the very least.

Generations later (yes generations), my buddy finds this singer's soundcloud, and lo and behold - he has posted the first song I ever wrote on there! LOL So Murphy, the link is to the first song I ever wrote - the music plus the lyrics. So in a way, my first poem set to my first set of electronic music equipment. The song was about a girl I had a huge crush on during my first half of high school. She and I were both Orchestra nerds - then during her Junior year, she got very popular, started dating the football quarterback, blablabla - almost exactly like a cliche 80s comedy movie.


He comments that he hated it but here's what my buddy and I don't get.. If he hated it so much, then why did he post it!?!? Also, why did he later remake it with 'newer' updated equipment , working with another musician? I think this was a case where the other musician loved the song and the singer still had to cvomment that he didn't write the lyrics and hated the song (reinforcement). I am actually impressed with the remake - and how the keyboardist observed some of the main chord and melody changes that I had originally done with my fostex 4-track recording years earlier. LOL! I would've probably had a heavier bass part - and a real bass player to boot - maybe in the New Orderish or Cure style.... It was actually kind of a trip to discover all this after so many years have gone by.


I did some prettty cool projects during the 90s and early 2000s - then just stopped. I guess the career finally took off, you know the thing that helps me pays those bills....
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