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Hey admins, i was playing on the hardcore server tonight and i came across this hacking player. I call in the teamspeak lobby and on the game chat but noone responded. I think its because of the time difference between Australia (where im playing from) and america (where msot of the admins are). may i request maybe more Australian admins to be present in the server around these times. Thank you. Demo is attached
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Thanks Bloke, he's been banned.
I'm in a very close time zone to you...or we may be even be the same. However, this will be my last view on the report section for a while again. (Work going to be ve-ry busy again.)
Was waiting for a lot of demos to be posted while I was again active haha.
Take care folks fruits will be out till the end of the year or lucky will be back sooner

Don't quote my quotes!

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