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Cliffhanger recoil hack

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As in the title, Cliffhanger is using a recoil hack. Botch me and zues (or zero? dont rememeber) saw it on killcam. NJM-Omellet was in the process of spectating him and banning, but he had to leave. (Cliffhanger turned the hack off when I reported him in an attempt to prevent Omellet from banning him).
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Excuse me for being a bit of a noob, but I play on a mac. The demos that I have downloaded and tried to open (to see what certain hacks look like) failed. So I can only assume it's a windows only application that is commonly used here to record things. How would I go about making a "demo" on a mac? Or is it the same and I am simply being a blithering idiot?
In fact I didn't game online much before, because I never had the patience for hacks... soooooo any help would be appreciated...?
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In order to record a demo you have to enable cod4 console in options, then press ~ key while you're ingame. Type "/record name_of_demo" to start recording and "/stoprecord" to stop recording. To watch a demo type "/demo name_of_demo".

Demos are located in "/Call of Duty 4/players/demos" folder - i'm not 100% sure, you should put demo files there.

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In addition, sometimes CoD4 doesn't like playing its own demos back. In which case you need to create a symbolic link from the "demos" folder that doesn't have any .dm_1 files in it to the "demos" folder that does.


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