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Not a hack report. But didnt know where else to put this.


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Hi! I've recently been getting back into cod4 and I'm enjoying the shit out of the NJ HC server.

BUT one thing left me baffled. So much so that I made an acc JUST for this.

The ONLY NJ member(Amethyst) that I've seen in there in the past few days was being toxic and childish the entire time I was there.
I think basically bc anytime he died(esp to me) he was very upset.

Even with his childish behavior I made the clear judgement that I won't let him be a representative for the entirety of the clan.(bc he'd be an awful one)

I don't ask for any action to be taken but I wish for at least a little bit of awareness about his behavior.

I'll spare the details of his pettiness unless requested.

Sorry I put this post here I honestly didn't know where else to put it.

Thank you so much for reading and thank you for having such a great server.

See you ingame =]
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