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If anyone has ideas as to remedy the following I would love to hear it!

Basically I cannot connect to ANY server. Net-Jam, my own, any others on the Internet.

When trying to connect I get the Waiting Connection count to 10/11, then it crashes out with the Error message "Server Connection timed out".

I have tried the increase connections to 60 seconds command. I have tried connecting on another installed version on a different PC. I get the same result.

Any ideas?
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Now wouldn't that be funny! The modem was bonded to a third party VPN router, but I was having issues witht he router so sent it back. My ISP then reset the original modem/router to defaults...or at least they should have. <sigh> back to them I go. It is really odd though, why only this game?
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Even later response!

I never tried connecting to a LAN server - I own another CAD4 server but tis a tad quiet there nowadays (would like to chat to you about that offline sometime if possible).

I had given up on playing again, but did a full factory reset of the ISP supplied router last week. After a bit of set-up I am now back online and playing on your server (have you not heard the groans!?!). It would seem that the router has also had a firmware upgrade so that may also have had something to do with it.
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