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Super awesome players - why play for free when you could earn big $$$?

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If I was a super awesome player, like a few that frequent the NJ server, I'd probably get in on the e-sports FPS action. These are usually team games that require team members to communicate and work well with each other as a team (Oh). If you're a super awesome player perhaps you could actually make a living playing games and winning huge cash prizes! I sure wish I had the gaming skills to do so.


It looks like CS:GO is the current FPS earning people $$:

9234 Players
3047 Tournaments

Recent trourney -Eleague Major, Boston, Mass. 1/28/2018:
1st Place
Clan Cloud9
United States

Wow, so each guy went home with $100,000 so basically DONE working for the year. Not too shabby.
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That's right! Forgot about those revenue streams. I guess the catch with those though, is you'd need some social skills/personality.

Most people just watch whoever is best that is semi-popular so they can learn from them. This is especially true for League of Legends. But most pros have taken a "big brother" type of streaming style where they just commentate on what they're doing so people can learn easier. CSGO is a bit different.. most people generally watch the big pros (Shroud, before he retired, could pull in 15-20k viewers at any given time just by playing CSGO and turning his stream on). I haven't watched CSGO streams in years, though, it could have changed by now.




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