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Petition to ban Helenwick aka Ioseftarasov for Life.


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To all who play on Net jam.

We all know this person, and even I can agree the warped logic and manifestation infestation is slightly amusing, but I have some issues with this particular player.

#1 If on your team the very presence is damaging, not only to moral, but team and individual scores.

#2 In spite of faffing on about some deluded altruistic goal, this player more than often will take the place of someone who actually wants to play.
Your server is busy, and in my mind this amounts to being afk.
Not only that, but the hypocrisy of this players religious like compulsion to spread it's venomous and harmful logic, and the blinded selfishness of taking someones rightful place stirs up an anger in me that is akin to righteous indignation.

I ask you all to vote yes or no in the comment section. Feel free to raise any points you feel are valid, if you believe I am being unfair please state so.


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I'm a bit late to this, but I'm not going to ban him. He's harmless, and as you admitted, mildly amusing. But you do make some fair points. I'll speak to him about reigning it in a bit, and we'll move on from there. Sound agreeable?


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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