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He is Mas Fuego, I called him out saying "Do I know Tomato Tomato?" then he said "Mas Fuego", aka ILOVEYOU. Sounds familiar? I have tons of demos posted of him on a post that is now on page two in this forum. Even Fuzzy was like "whaaa" and the rest of us are like "Uh huh" but then Gryfuss or another admin was like "uhhh?" so he was never banned.

This one is difficult because he is also good, and knows the maps inside out, like he is number one on knowing how to get up every hard to get to place.

Him and Prime cause a lot of anger from other players on the server. If it were *my* server, I'd put my foot down and say I need to ban you even though I have inconclusive proof that you're hacking. It's that you're SO good that you affect the positivity of the server population, so I must ask you to send me an outside video of you playing (camera behind you playing the game) either with a camera/camera phone on a tripod or have someone hold the camera and zoom in. That would end ALL doubts imo. There's a reason I never applied to be an admin here, I'd be too controversial and I know it. In my other community CWar, we used to actually enforce that since we ran casual servers and wanted to keep the general server pop happy. Looking back on it, there were a couple really good, consistent players that never got banned from there - because of be related to someone in the clan or something. HMMMMM, food for thought.
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Turbo I quite frankly don't appreciate some of the insinuations you've made here. Specifically that last sentence.

As I just got through explaining to this gentleman over here. I've reiterated this countless times now, and far more eloquently, but I think my point comes across. Suffice to say: We don't ban because people complain.

The reason people like Rice, Prime, Stalker, Bam etc. are still here is that we don't have exceptions to our rules. It keeps us honest and prevents good players from being banned simply because they're better than others. We've long been a refuge for players like that, in fact, a good number of our admins are here for that reason. Something you seemed to grasp not that long ago.

Now I've restrained myself here because I'm not certain of your intent or alcohol level when that was posted. However next time, should you feel so inclined, please just say what you mean, because passive-aggressive accusations or blunt statements will garner the same response from me in the future.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Sorry bro, my words can bite sometimes. But that last sentence wasn't fair and spoken out of caged rage (which tends for me to be some harsh sarcasm sometimes peceived as insinuations) so I humbly am sorry I drew your ire.
Though I, too, was a little 'mad' from having to play against a certain someone of which that demo above was posted up for (not a the "P" man). Anyway, today, I came up with a super cool way to deal with super awesome players from now on, that will be extremely effective for myself and as an added bonus, will not involve anyone else! Who can ask for more than that?

So what's your long-term plan? COD4 won't be forever, any new game/server ideas for down the road? I'm not trying to change the subject. OK maybe I am.

And now for a totally unrelated link to a motivating video!
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Not one, but two subject changes lol.

You're fine. Just, as I said in that last sentence, say what's on you're mind next time. I can take criticism, it's back-biting that aggravates me.

Something will be done with that guy shortly.

As far as plans go, nothing immediately on the horizon annoyingly. But let's leave this thread at that, shall we?


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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