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About a few minutes ago, I was banned for WH, which I assume is wall hack and AB for aimbotting in NET-JAM.com(HARDCORE). I do understand where this comes from, as I have been banned for this several times in the past 5-6 years that I have been regularly playing this game. I have no real evidence as why I think my ban should be lifted since I do not record games on hardcore servers which means I have no demos to prove my case.

Although, hear me out on this, I live in Asia, far from the server host location which means I average at around 170-200+ ping in your server. Anyone who has played this game long enough knows the twitchy game play from people with poor connection to the server, along with my high mouse sensitivity and active reflex plus my habit of pre-firing and shooting people, which I saw run/duck behind, through walls. In my many years playing this game, I've quite literally memorized every camping spot, head glitch and spawn points and patterns. I know it sounds far fetched but there are in-depth videos on YouTube that teach these things. After playing many hours, you start to see patterns in where people start running from after they just died/where you killed them/where you are standing. I know how ridiculous it sounds, but I feel like I've played this game enough times to see these things. The other players' predictability also adds to how easily I can pin point their location (eg. preferred camping spots and head glitches). I understand why the Staff banned me, over all it looks very suspicious. But I am hoping to be considered to have my ban lifted. It's a great server and it's the only one I can play with a semi-decent ping without all the ridiculous mods nowadays. It truly is a shame that I did get banned just for playing the way I always have. I don't blame the Staff or NJ as a whole for banning me from their server. But once again, I hope to be considered for having my ban lifted. If there's no way and the Staff and the rest deem my play-style as illegal or 'cheating', then I completely understand and will move on to a different server. Best wishes to the NJ Admins and Members.
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