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I was banned without a reason.

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ok, but in the same Demo there is another player "Pikachu Lv.5" with wallhack and nobody cares.. I'm the only one who was banned and that guy continue to cheat in every fu***ng server but no one cares.. I've report him here and with an email but it's a waste of time..
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So, just to be clear, you thought that because Pikachu Lv.5 is apparently hacking the best course of action is for you to start hacking yourself? I'm curious now, who were you retaliating against here? You killed a great deal of people who weren't Pikachu with your wallhack. So everyone else has to tolerate two Wallhackers instead of one, all because instead of getting an Admin or taking the two minutes to record and post a demo here you decided to do the exact same thing you're complaining about someone else doing. That is some astounding logic there Smusi.

You were blatantly walling, so Hint's ban will be staying. As for Pikachu, we will still have to go and catch him or have someone post a demo of him. So if you achieved anything, it was wasting your time and ours.

I have no idea what you mean by email. None of the Net-Jam email accounts received any messages about anything of the kind.


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