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I'm Sorry.

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I'd like to apologise for the way i've acted in the past week/s.

I've been very rude and i'm sure very irritating to a lot of the players on the server.

I really do enjoy playing COD4 on your server and wish to continue doing so if you'll allow me too.

I guess i've been using this game as a bit of an outlet lately and i've let it get a bit out of hand.

If you could please un-ban be i'd be really grateful. Again, i'm really sorry.


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Hi Pistols,

Your ban is a 5 day temp ban based on your overall behavior throughout your time with us.
The manner of which you converse with other players on the server is borderline harassment and kills the atmosphere of the server and that just isn't what our community is about and such behaviour will not be tolerated.
Having said that, if you are willing to work on it (It's noted you have tried to when requested for the short amount of time it lasted) and be more respectful we are willing to lift the ban, however, if the behavior continues the ban will be re-instated and extended if need be.

If you are willing to make the effort, inform us. Your apology above has been noted.
Side Note: Such un-banning procedures will come at a small cost to your soul :)



...Distract And Destroy...

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