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Not so much a ban appeal as just an appeal to your admins.
So I have been kicked regularly over the past couple weeks for just about anything remotely close to a breaking of the rules.
Bithis... was apparently a curse in some language... TEMP BANNED
Asking if tacos can be prepared for myself... BANNED for this one!
and for just being on the server... KICKED 7 TIMES no warning or reason
When I join now, it is announced that the SHIT CUNT PRIME has joined the server...
Now that you have some background

Can I be let in as to why this is happening, or even encouraged by the admins.

Also will this end?
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Prime let me break this down for you.

You were kicked by Empress in April for being AFK.
You were perm banned by me as a joke at Veezy's request (a joke which you were immediately brought in on and was lifted).
You were kicked once by me for being AFK in August.
The temp-ban by Daisy, which we have been over thoroughly.
The kick you received with the name error, again which we have covered.
A kick by Fruits a few days ago which admittedly was a bit harsh, but given the rest of your chat history it's understandable to have a low tolerance.
Finally, the kick last night for being a dick above and beyond the call.

If you would like a screenshot of our records as proof, I would be more than happy to provide it.

Prime, we all have had a great deal of time spent together on TS. You know exactly how we work and have recently been using this to your advantage in screwing with us. If you would like to speak with me like adults as to exactly why relations between you and NJ have gone so sour, I would again be happy to do so. Maybe we can resolve this in a way that doesn't involve you leaving, or getting banned, which is exactly where this is heading.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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To be fair, it actually says "Hello, I'm Prime, and I'm a shit-cunt."

Lead Anchor and primary Reporter of the Net-Jam News Network, reporting what's important, not necessarily true!

Send unto me the finest burnt cheeses, and I shall bless your nachos, your quesadillas, your enchiladas, your first born child.

"""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle" - Gryphus_1

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