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Hello NJA

been back on the server for a week now and I can see some old faces and some new ones but I find myself questioning if the next post I do will be on the ban page.

I have been warned about profanity when only repeating a players name (this was not the auto profanity filter either but by an admin), I have asked simple questions with no attitude and have been slammed with attitude back with no answer to the question, there is ciaos on the server and the admins are letting it go and keep playing.

Quality of specing by admins with the tag line of NJM has been low and this alone makes me nervous to be on when I see an admin on the server.

I have been welcomed with kindness from Wan, Hint, Wab and when these guys are on I know I can play knowing my account is safe but if I am not wanted here then I can go just tell me please as this will save time.

Sorry the first message back is like this, I wanted to post about a clan application form or what the process is to reg one with the server.
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Hello again.

I find it interesting that almost exactly a year after your first visitation you're back with something far better handled by a PM to me, or perhaps the people who welcomed you with "kindness", these also being the very few people who have actually seen you.

The warning you received was in-fact from a Moderator, after you said "just step up and kill them putos", "Putos" being a very common Spanish profanity. Having never seen you before, and you not being in Teamspeak he issued a warning since the filter didn't pick it up. When you asked why you were warned for stating a players name he removed the warning and renamed that player. I'm not sure how you feel this was handled inappropriately. Looking at the chatlog, it looks like your questions were answered promptly, accurately and respectfully. Again, not quite sure what more you want. Attitude, being relative, is a funny thing to be criticizing given these circumstances. As for "cios" which I can only assume was meant to be "chaos on the server": lol

If you would be so kind as to explain how you're capable of determining the "quality" someone's spectating via playing the game yourself?

As much I as would like to believe your intentions are to come back like the old days, it seems depressingly unlikely. So if your intention is as last time, to merely stir things up, you could save us both some time...


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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The name warning thing has been addressed succinctly by Gryphus so there's no need for me to touch on it here.

As for the rest of your aired grievances, you hold our admin and mod team in incredible low regard and have consistently been condescending, disrespectful, and dismissive of the decisions we've made as Moderators. The amount of disrespect you toss our way would have warranted, at the very least, kicks escalating into temp bans from a normal player. You've been skating by, unmarred, solely because of your past history as an admin. I can assure you that this behavior will be unsustainable in the long run.

We would appreciate if you showed some measure of respect to our crew in the future.

"Don't quote my quotes!" -Fruits

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Thank you for responding to the post, yes my post does read like I am trying to start shit but I am not well not intentionally anyway, I was typing while upset and I am sorry there was a much better way to say what was posted I am sorry to you and the NJM, I didn't PM Wan / Wab / or Hint because they don't like confrontation and when making an observation people do get defensive and I didn't PM you Gryph because I honestly didn't think you would of read it because out side of this game you were always a busy man and I doubt that would changed over the years and clearly you do put a lot of time into this server still since after all these years it is still running and I take my hat off to you.

I have nothing to gain by starting an argument because it was always clear I will be the only one effected by it as mentioned by Rattle players will be removed and I will need to google some of what Rattle said because I have no idea what some of those big words even mean but I am confident I get the idea on what he means, the only thing I cared about then was the server and as mentioned before you have done well to keep it running when some of us moved on so I only want to point out things that you should be aware of so IF it is possible I will gladly PM you with a better typed up over viewer or if you would like to talk on TS that can be arranged to or I can posted it here what ever suits you.

I have no interest in doing all this to join the NJA.

I want to play on NJ, I have made some new friends since being back on again

Thank you for your time.
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