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hello I was playing as usual at the server and what would appear rather Hint Mint and pulls several players wh, I do not know wh? then attempt to enter the server as 3 or 4 times ye offline server says I try one more time and tell me I'm banned and I do not know why ...

I could explain that because I bannearon wh and clear

the last thing I did before it was banned by Hint Mint shoot a guy with the radar should be the take that as a hack or something I leave it in your hands

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hello again hint I shot many times blind spots thinking there's something guiding me by radar if I recall gas in the campaign said that the bullets go through walls , estallolas , wood and sheet metal and radar uses whichever is I often shooting places and nothing and radar shows me that there are but really are above me .
I zenhawk thanks for your support and thank you are right thanks
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The demos have been reviewed by myself and several other admins, we all came to the conclusion that you actually are walling, you're not very good at it but you're still doing it. So the ban will stay.

The demos are attached below.

Thread locked.


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