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alright guys im a new guy on your server and ill like to give you ideas or how you guys should improve it.
first thing first is that you guys shouldn't have that many players in a single server because its just too much to tell whats going on the map.
the amount of people you guys should have its 1-16 players allowed in one game.
also is another thing is that if you guys did do the 1-16 players you should fix the team death match to a lower win score instead of getting a bunch of kills to end the game because the matches are taking forever to complete in my opinion.
another thing is that you guys should make this server a mix server so its more better not just tdm the whole time.
like add these game modes SND SAB HQ TDM FFA ON THE MAP KILLHOUSE ONLY.
and for the score on snd should be 1-8 the first team to 8 points win a basic snd match.
and sab point should be the first to reach 3 points or 2 points not sure.
and hq should just be the basic hq points to be the winner.
keep the health on hq because its good.
i can go and on about this but if you guys had a server like this just think about how much better it would be.
and it will be more eazy to controll instead of like 28 playyers.
weill thats it guys :dazed:
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We appreciate you taking the time to voice your opinions. That said, our server has existed in a nearly identical state since the launch of the game 7 years ago. Suffice to say we like it, as others clearly do and I don't see it changing anytime soon.

Should there be enough demand for a new FFA or Mixed server, that's something that can be looked into.


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