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Final Ban Appeal

Valdis Ling

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Dear All NJ Admins and especially Gryphus,

I fully understand what you have said within my older ban appeal, I understand that it is MY OWN responsibility that my cousin hacks and that I MYSELF should take ALL the consequences. I am sorry for the trouble I have caused within the netjam community and also explained to my cousin how his actions would affect both the netjam community and the reputation of my own clan, TA. I have always loved playing in netjam and netjam players always seem like a big community to me. I would love to once again join this community if you are generous enough to unban me. I can guarantee you that I will maintain a clean reputation for the rest of my time in netjam and will make sure my cousin will do the same.

Valdis Ling (Nightmare)
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Hello admins,

I have to make a point here - I have been friends with Valdis Ling with many years. I have always thought of him as an honest and trustworthy person, and I am shocked by the fact that he had decided to cheat in the Net-Jam server. However, knowing him as a trustworthy person, I personally believe that his ban should be lifted and that he should be given another chance. After all, everybody makes mistakes and that makes Valdis as good as any of us - so why not lift his ban and give him a chance to redeem himself?


Simon Fu (G-Raffe)
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