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Ban Appeal


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Dear Net-Jam Admins,

I am [ta]Fury and I play regularly on your server and I truly do enjoy the experience and the people there. I understand that TA does not have a very appealing reputation right now. I admit to using permanent UAV. This was a extremely idiotic thing that I have done and I apologise to everyone on the Net Jam servers since I may have ruined the experience for some people on the server. I truly am sorry, I was unaware of the consequences. I promise if you give me one more chance I will NEVER use these codes again. I truly love being on your server so I beg you for forgivness and let me play once more on your server. Thank you for your time.


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Hello Fury,

Hacking does tend to spoil everyone's fun, which is why we ban people using them.

External modification of any game for your own gain tends to carry the same consequences wherever you go. Food for thought.

Thread locked.


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