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Why Am I banned???

Valdis Ling

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Hi Admins of NJ,

I am [ta]Nightmare and I wanted to join NetJam at 5:20 today but when I got in, I got kicked for no reason. I know that one or two players from TA have been caught hacking within our personal servers but I dont. I have heard from a friend the "rolo" joined the TA server and thought I was hacking. Please fix this.

Nightmare (Nightmare)
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Hello and welcome to the Net-Jam site! I see you and several of your companions have been issued permanent bans from our Hardcore Call of Duty 4 server! The vast majority of our bans are largely handed out to people who use wallhacks, aimbots, and other 3rd-party programs that augment the game in a way that provides an unfair advantage to a player. In your case specifically, you and your companions were banned for the use and proliferation of a permanent UAV or permaUAV-type 3rd party program.

We have accrued evidence against you specifically, and have reason to believe that your companions are either also using it, or are complicit in its use. In order to be safe, we felt a mass ban was prudent. You are free to argue your case otherwise, our Senior admins will make any and all final decisions.

I hope you all have a lovely rest of your day!

"Don't quote my quotes!" -Fruits

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Given that we cannot actually verify that someone else was using your account and hacking on it I'm afraid there's likely not much we can do here. If we could somehow block your cousin who totally exists and is at fault here from physically accessing your account we would, but barring some sort of extreme shock therapy I don't think we have any feasible options on that front.

"Don't quote my quotes!" -Fruits

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No I believe I explicitly mentioned he was real, in fact if you read above my exact words were "who totally exists", thus affirming his authenticity as a definitely real person. As for your continued play at Net-Jam, we'll have to wait for the senior admins to weigh in.

"Don't quote my quotes!" -Fruits

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Hello Nightmare,

You were banned for Permanent UAV. As for your friends, who we ban is our concern. If any of your friends would like to post appeals to their bans they are welcome to do so, however we don't accept appeals by proxy.

We could post demos, but why post hours of footage when this will be just as helpful. So lets save each other some time shall we?
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:43) [TA]Nightmare (ALL) lol
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:42) [TA]M4CarbineJr (ALL) ur using the one u have
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:42) [TA]M4CarbineJr (ALL) ur not using the one i have
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:42) [TA]M4CarbineJr (ALL) tu are
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:42) [TA]Nightmare (ALL) woops
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:41) [TA]Nightmare (ALL) im not
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:41) [TA]M4CarbineJr (ALL) don't lie to me
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:41) German Sniper (ALL) use wot?
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:41) [TA]Nightmare (ALL) im seriously not using it
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:41) German Sniper (ALL) wot?
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:41) [TA]Nightmare (ALL) stop what?
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:41) [TA]M4CarbineJr (ALL) now
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:41) [TA]M4CarbineJr (ALL) stop it
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:41) [TA]M4CarbineJr (ALL) valdis
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:31) [TA]Nightmare (ALL) saying all that shite just becuase u cant get a positve
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:31) [TA]M4CarbineJr (ALL) ur using it
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:31) [TA]M4CarbineJr (ALL) yup
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:31) [TA]Nightmare (ALL) lol
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:31) [TA]M4CarbineJr (ALL) ur using something much worse
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:31) [TA]M4CarbineJr (ALL) nope
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:30) [TA]Nightmare (ALL) fullbright lor
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:30) [TA]M4CarbineJr (ALL) i know ur using it
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:30) [TA]Nightmare (ALL) really/
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:30) [TA]Nightmare (ALL) lol
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:29) [TA]Nightmare (ALL) needa plant claymroes anywayts
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:29) [TA]Nightmare (ALL) nope
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:29) [TA]M4CarbineJr (ALL) i know ur using it
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:29) [TA]Nightmare (ALL) nope
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:29) [TA]M4CarbineJr (ALL) wtf
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:28) [TA]Nightmare (ALL) lol hi
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:28) [TA]M4CarbineJr (ALL) bs spawns
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:28) [TA]Nightmare (ALL) BACK TO POSTITIVE
Sunday, 09/20/2015 (00:28) [TA]Nightmare (ALL) YES

Now if you'd like to have a look over here. Confirming that you and your friends have access to, and have used it.

Now, cousins aside. Who you let play on your computer is your business. That said, your computer, your name, your consequences.

Thread locked.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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