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I'm coming to the Lock-In this Saturday, July 10th

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If you guys want to see my hacks in-person (joke!) come to Straw's lock-in party this Saturday and you will get to meet me and a few other admins/regulars from the NET-JAM HARDCORE server. I know, exciting!! :)

I will be there from like 1 pm til about 12-1 am. So hope anyone that is in the southern california area will come down and we can all meet in-person. Will be a lot of fun!

See you there I hope!

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Too Far!!! Come to a lan we hold here :p ... but seriously... I'm sure there are some of us such as Steve-O and myself that might be planning for a trip over there and come bust up some admins with their awesome 30 ping :p

Added: Indeed - Steve-O :d

“We impose order on the chaos of organic evolution. You exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it.” - Sovereign Mass Effect

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there is a slim chance , but a chance, i will be down that way a couple times through out the summer, might have to try and stop by just to pimp slap staw!

i sent in my media pass request to SCORE and CORR so im just waiting on responses from them, if i get my credentials i will be down in that area ( Salton Sea, Escondido areas......)
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I will be attending with my PC and monitor so watch out! I hope others will join, I noticed lunar was gonna go, Surreal is going to grace us with his presence as well :) Da_g will be rocking it. Who else will be attending?

Sac said he "might" roll out for a little bit. I'm hoping for a roistering great time :)

Surreal we will be setting up a dedicated lan server so 0-4 ping for everyone at the lan :)
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Sur we are setting up a dedicated server at netjam for the players there to play cod with a 0 ping :) (usually 1-6) so it will be just for the people that are there. so like if we get 10 people that can play at one time that will be 5v5, if we cant get enough people to play then we will play on the netjam server and you will have the same ping as normal.
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Well, I had a great time, down at Net-Jams last night... Had to leave early tho, got home about 12:30am and my 5 year old was at the door with her night night, laying on the floor waiting for Daddy to come home.... It was nice to meet SuRReal, Rev DA_G and LuNaR.. It was funny at dinner lastnight.... SuRReaL, DA_G and LuNaR had some MATRIX conversation going on, and REV and I were lost but that map of Itali was nice....LMAO.. Too bad you all missed it... gotta do it again...
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THANKS STRAW!!! hahaha that was a really cool lan party :)

hahahahaha... yea sac that was freaking awsome! :) really cool meeting all you guys :) too bad dave doesnt have a bbq, pool and kegerator at the lan center, we would have been set! I can't wait for the next lan party. Maybe we can do something small for the inland empire guys, maybe a little gathering with some bbq and gaming involved :)

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Yeah it was great finally meeting in person. And I got to see Lunar and Da G's hacks in-person! LOL Just kidding! (I think? :)) It was awesome sitting next to Sac and pissing him off with him thinking I'm hacking and telling him you can see my screen right here! LOL So funny!!!

I had a lot of fun and the time we by so fast. Dinner was fun. Thanks for buying my dinner Sac! Sorry we got a little deep in some programming talk. :)

We'll def. have to do it again with more local players/admins coming. Maybe more of a notice next time and we can get more people to come. Will be lots of fun!

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I'm hurt sur, its all about lunar and da_g's hax0rz... no love for rev? /me crys looks like imma have to step up the game a little and rage more fayse!!!! hahaha

hey sur if you wanna maybe do something at the simivalley netjam so its closer to you we can do that... I have a buddy that lives up there so I'll stay at his house. unless you have lots of room at your house da_g, sac and I can come stay in your basement >:-) hehehehe. I'm at work so I wont be able to get online until friday. so you guys and girls this weekend :)


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hahaha Sorry I left you out of the hacker group Rev. lol You are suspect too of course!

Yeah maybe we could do that some time. I don't mind driving out to Palm Desert everyone once in a while. Whatever is closest for most people, and gets more people to come is cool with me.
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Meeting Rev13:16 in person is a traumatic enough event to wipe anyone's memory, he should hand out condolence prizes! Don't feel bad about leaving him out sur :p

It was in fact a blast, especially speccing hackers on LuNaRs screen and then banning him on accident, I hope I can pull that one off many more times in the future! It takes skill and hard work to be this bad!

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I can't wait for the next one!
Unfortunately I can't drive all the way out to simivalley. It was tough enough convincing my dad to pay for gas to Palm Desert lol.

I say we do another one before September 20. That's when I start school and chances are I wont be able to make it to another for 8-12months. Next time lets not have a heater-corner... or atleast not let me get stuck in it lol.

I knew I'd be caught sooner or later.. Just didn't think it'd be while I was spectating.. hahaha

Thanks again for dinner, Sac! I'll put that $5 in the donation box next time I make it to the bank. (been a busy week for me so I haven't had the chance to move money around)


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You guys were sitting on the cooler side, mine and sac's side had a heat vent under the desk (i.e. the computers).

Yeah I'm cool with another Lock-In anytime soon. We just need good notice so we can get more players/admins to come.
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Pssshhh :p Both of you were on NJ Machines.. which, while powerful, don't quite stand up to the heat our quad cores + top end video cards were putting out :) And you guys only had 2, we had 3!

Respectably, my huevos were cooking more than yours. LOL
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