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Net-Jam FTW!

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A very popular Battlefield Youtuber decided to make a video about the classic Call of Duty 4. In the video, he's talking about the game and HE'S PLAYING ON OUR SERVER around 2 minutes and 7 minutes in. He doesn't directly mention us, but he praises one our unique features. Nonetheless, you can see him reking a few of our regulars. Just thought this was really cool and wanted to share it with you guys.


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The thing I hate is that the majority of the gaming communities out there, whether it be Battlefield or CoD or Halo etc, consider CoD4 as one of the best FPS games there is, yet no other company wants to strive to achieve what it did.

I'm unsure if they're scared that they will be mocked if they mess up, or if they're just lazy. Either way, it's a tragedy.

CoD4 was one of the prettiest, best optimized, and most balanced games of its time and can still compete with some titles that are coming out to day as far as graphics go. The gameplay it brought was untouchable as far as the fun factor and balance is concerned. The port on PC was just outstanding, and it wasn't bad at all for consoles either. On top of all that, modtools made the game on PC even better, bringing us the option to fine tune servers and graphic settings and make promod possible. There's no wonder that it's still one of the most played games on the internet today for PC.

Hopefully there will be another Godlike game development team to come through and make a game to CoD4's quality with updated features and maybe more variety.

Us being one of the top hardcore servers still around, It really doesn't surprise me that this guy wanted to use footage he took in it for his explanation of different game modes and server settings. It's pretty cool though.

While this may not seem like a big deal, this small form of recognition was made possible by the dedication of our members and long hours we have all put into maintaining it in a fair matter and having fun with each other.

Keep it up dudes and dudettes. Keep being Net-Jam.




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Good point, Myth. Adding 3D movements into the last ...almost 2... games has in my opinion broken the game and turned off many old dedicated fans. The perks are easily exploitable and just plain silly. The Call of Duty franchise has past the point of no return. I've lost hope to say the least.

I'm still waiting for another company to make another simple boots on the ground masterpiece. Less is more.


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