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Scroll wheeling?


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Does NJA allow scroll wheel binding? I played today and Peanut Butter was scroll wheeling his G3 and his Desert Eagle. Unfortunately I could not connect to Xfire to record him, but telling NJA-Myth, who was playing at the time, did nothing. I eventually got kicked for spectating the cheater...go figure?
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I kicked you because you sat in spectate complaining about Peanut Butter, who I didn't see anything worth banning for. You sat in spectate the entire map constantly asking me to ban him. I replied to earlier comments before you asked the same question repeatedly, from there I asked you to rejoin the game as the server was pretty full, and you didn't. You sat in spectate and continued. I warned you 2-3 times before kicking you.

As far as the scroll wheeling, the reason I said it's "frowned upon" is because it's impossible to tell 100% if someone is actually doing it. There are people who can click very fast, and it's not always possible to prove they're scroll firing to ban them for it. I asked another admin to make sure if I was correct, but he didn't respond. To my knowledge, we don't ban for scroll wheeling because it would be impossible to tell if someone is just a fast clicker or actually has a bind to shoot for them. I'm not going to ban someone on a suspicion. If I'm wrong here, then another admin will correct me. This is just my understanding of this issue.

Also, something to mention, deagles have a glitch in which it looks like they're being scroll fired & the shooting animation glitches out, but they're not. Happened to me in promod all the time. It's going to fire about as fast as you can click your mouse. So maybe take that into consideration as well. Pretty much the same thing with the G3, but no animation glitch. A nice gaming mouse can go a long way.




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