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Kevin_Rudd Banned

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I am not actually sure why I am banned. I just started playing on your server a few days ago, under the name Kevin_Rudd. When I tried to join this morning I kept getting kicked without the game giving me an error message, then when I tried to join a bit later it said I was banned. Like I said, I am fairly new to your servers and I have no idea why I could have been banned. I am definitely not a hacker, my performance in games will show this, and I don't talk in chat. When I first joined I asked if their were any rules regarding equipment, and someone told me RPGs were banned, so I did not use them.

I actually enjoyed playing your hardcore server, the people were mature and it seemed to be well staffed and maintained. If you were not to unban me, can I at least know what I did wrong as I was banned when I was offline and the message doesn't tell me. Thank you for reading this.
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