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The best way to report hackers when there aren't any admins on is by recording a demo.

Just open console while spectating the suspected player and type /record (player name). When you have sufficient evidence, then open console and type /stoprecord

Afterwards it will be saved into your cod4 directory under profiles > your user name > demos.

From there, go to the website, and you should see an attach file button on your forum post/reply. Attach the demo from the directory and we will be able to download it to review when you post it.

Edit: Boards also gave a very good way to report hackers as well in the post below mine. It's probably easier than the manual method to be completely honest.




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Hi Knez. In order to take action against hackers we need some sort of proof. You may know this already but, in future, you can take an automatic recording by typing:

!report playername hack

Example: !report vD wh

You don't have to type the full name, just enough to make it unique. A demo will automatically be recorded and saved in the Reports Forum. Thanks for telling us anyway!


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Great to know that cus i busted my as* trying to find some software to record a game with that hack when i downloaded OBS the show was over and the hacker was gone :'( so much of my work gone to waste xD so those tips are great thanks
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