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DeadHead banned again!

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I have absolutely no idea why I was banned. I was playing a couple hours ago fine, then trying to join net-jam I get the banned message.

Please look into this matter. I don't know of any reason to be banned.

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Just before making this report, I tried to connect to NJ server. I was kicked with message saying I had been banned, I could appeal ban on this forum. I tried 2 more times in the next couple of minutes - same thing.

So I reported this ban, requesting it be removed.

A couple/few hours later I tried again and was able to connect.

I cannot explain why I was kicked from server 3 times for being banned, nor why I was allowed back on after a period of time.
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Nor can I. You have no recent, or active bans... The most I can tell you is just to send me a PM if it happens again and I'll take care of it.

Also, unless you would like to have a permanent ban I suggest you watch your mouth in the server.


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