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See if this helps.

<?php $hostname = "^3NET-JAM.com ^2(HARDCORE)"; $c_pattern = array( "^0", "^1", "^2" , "^3", "^4", "^5", "^6", "^7", "^8", "^9", ); $c_replace = array( '</font><font color="#000000">', '</font><font color="#FF0000">', '</font><font color="#00FF00">', '</font><font color="#FFFF00">', '</font><font color="#0000FF">', '</font><font color="#00FFFF">', '</font><font color="#FF00FF">', '</font><font color="#FFFFFF">', '</font><font color="#A0A0A0">', '</font><font color="#000000">', ); $hostname = str_replace($c_pattern, $c_replace, $hostname); echo $hostname; ?>


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