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Long time no SEE!!!

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I found out why I was getting so much lag spikes last night, I joined like 4 other servers and got it in all of them. So I backed out did some scans saw windows updated, so I thought maybe that is why? Then when I got back to my desktop some websites were being blocked like photobucket. So I did some scans nothing found. So then I rebooted again. And right after that reboot it deleted my network adapter driver and I couldn't get back online. So luckily I got to back up all my stuff on my 2x16gb pen drives that my mom bought me a year ago. Only needed one, but reformatted my entire pc last night now doing windows updates. And my new mouse was denied by greendot bank and amazon. Everything should be back to normal. It was one of the most persistent virus or adware I have ever dealt with.


Minecraft Handle: cryssy

Rank: Member on Xenia

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