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DeadHead is not a WallHacker - DeadHead is WallBanger!


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DeadHead shoots thru walls - something taught in the game's Basic Training. DeadHead shoots thru walls when he sees gun flashes thru windows and doors. He shoots at movements he sees through windows and doors. He shoots thru walls when he sees someone run into a room or building. He shoots up a lot of stuff with his LMG. DeadHead uses deep impact as perk#2 to help shoot thru walls as one of his perks. Deadhead often uses extra ammo belts as a perk#1 because he shoots so much at buildings and walls.

DeadHead does not have a wallhack installed in his game.

DeadHead has never hacked, never will.

Un-Ban DeadHead!!!
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Hi both, i banned a Deadhead last night and have a recording of the game. When I looked up Deadhead I noticed that tyere are 3 Deadheads, 1 from US and 2 from Thailand. I am not sure which Deadhead I have banned and if this would have consequences for all Deadheads. Can you please have a look qt this Gryph? Thanks, Terror
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I'm the Thai DeadHead. I don't know of a DeadHead in the U.S. (actually, there's lots of DeadHeads in the US!). But as to COD - a while ago there was a hacker using my DeadHead moniker and he got kicked as a hacker. Don't know if that addresses anything here.

But, as to the other night, while in the Bog, I was simply doing the wallbanging thing. You're video would not show any illegal hacking activity. I'm shooting from behind the car, shooting through the side-door to that market, into the back wall which is directly in line with the 'back door' where all the bad guys (red dots) are located. Or, I'm behind the barrels, next to the container by the bus, shooting up the block wall far end of the bog where all the bad guys spawn from, (or hide out). And then I got kicked. But none of my shooting was same as wall hacker, where they directly hit targets behind walls. I shoot at walls and may get lucky or not. WallHacks shoot at walls because their hack directs there shots there. I shoot at walls because heck, that's where the bad guys hang out.

I've been banned for 48 hours now, for no reason, except mistaken opinion that my play of game is somehow hacking. Look at the video, and explain how my shooting action is somehow 'abnormal'.
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As to why there are 2 DeadHeads from Thailand - I was registered for long time. Then, xlrstats wouldn't work (for weeks), so finally I re-registered. Registration was accepted stats started working again, although from zero. I don't know why first registration went bad, wasn't recognized, couldn't be accessed. I'm same DeadHead, using same platform with same legal copy of COD4 installed so keys should be same-same.
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Hi DeadHead,

I apologize that you are still banned. Your demo was reviewed and we saw no hacks. As for Terror, he is a great admin, but we do all make mistakes, it has happened to all of us.

I know it is frustrating, especially being banned for the duration of a weekend. Please accept our apologies.

Let us know if you have any trouble getting into the server.

Look forward to seeing you on!

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My sincere apologies Deadhead. I am usually very careful and it is not always easy to recognise players using wall hack or not. This is the first time (as far as I remember I had it wrong), I deal with a lot of hackers and as I am in Asia I do not always have another admin to back me up and giving me a second opinion. At the same time when you play here you enjoy the benefit of having it pretty much clean. We''re doing the best we can. I hope you continue to enjoy your wall banging.
Kovic, many thanks for helping out here, thumbs up bro!
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Thanks for reviewing my case and reinstating me...looking forward to getting back to playing on net-jam. Apologies for impugning your admin skills.

Looking forward to meeting up with you online - may the force be with me and my playing more skillful then yours. I just wish my connection was better :-(
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